My friend’s blog :)

Hi everyone, I’m really sorry for not posting anything in like five billion years. I have my exams and my parents will have a fit if they know I’m blogging instead of cramming and I really don’t want that. However, you can go check out my friend’s blog Here. (you can go ahead and click it, it will open in a new tab so you can continue reading this) It’s called thelightpurplesky. I think because she’s an insomniac and usually blogs randomly in the middle of the night cos she can’t sleep.

It’s pretty funny- well, she’s pretty funny (hey, that’s why we’re friends) and um Yeah so, in the meantime, you can go checkout and hopefully you’ll like it 😀 We’re both new to blogging, and you know how blog newbies/noobs must stick together through thick and thin (!) so yeah. Anyway, it’s sort of a ‘substitute’ blog while I am busy studying.

(how we became friends is pretty complicated, will maybe one day explain it all to you…

okay I’ll just explain it. Ok, so, Taya’s mom is a half Japanese half Chinese. She met my mom in University and they’ve been friends ever since. And as a side note, her father’s American and she lives there. So anyway, one day, they came to visit Singapore and we brought them around. sadly to this horrible place called Haw Par Villa which didn’t impress anyone, including me. And I’m staunchly patriotic. Since then, we’ve sort of started an email correspondence thing, and we’re sort of friends.)

p.s. i’ll try to post soon. i promise. by hook or by crook. probably by crook. stealthily in the dead of the night. like Taya.


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