About Me

Hello, visitor! Ready to be introduced to one of the coolest people alive? Just kidding. I’m Jiamin Wu, and because the username “jiamin” has been taken, I have been forced to use a lame word pun for mine. It’s wonderfuljiamin. Like wu (nderful) jiamin. Lame, I know. Blame Jiamin. Not me, as in, the person who took my username.

I’m female and 16 this year, but my birthday isn’t till December, which means I still can’t watch people doing disgusting things on cinema screens for a long time to come. It also means that I would either have been a) dead, like Juliet in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, or b) zombified, like in the Enemy series by Charlie Higson. Sorry. That was morbid.

I’m Chinese, but I really don’t have yellow skin. It’s sort of brown-ish. But having yellow skin would be really cool. You could like, smuggle bananas out of buffets because they camouflage against your skin. Awesome. I live in Singapore, which is a tiny island in the middle of Asia, (South-east, actually, if you’re interested in coming to stalk me) I’m not sure how many people know it exists (or that it isn’t in China), but yeah, that’s where I live, and it’s wonderful. Except the fact that it’s perpetually sweltering hot here. We never have winter and I’ve actually never seen snow in my life before. There is a place in Singapore called the Snow city for losers like me who’ve never seen snow before. But it’s basically just a huge fridge with a frozen ice floor. Big deal.

I really like reading (especially Percy Jackson), drawing (yeah, but I suck at painting/colouring because a) I’m way too lazy to cover the whole page and b) I can’t seem to stay within the lines) and watching movies. I also like watching TV, but usually not Singaporean TV. Singaporean shows are characterized by actors with failed American accents (if it’s an english show) or Beijing accents (if it’s a chinese show). I really like Glee, How I Met Your Mother, and random Japanese dramas my Japanese teacher introduces to us. (Yup, I learn Japanese- have been learning it for three years- but I’m still really lousy.) I also play sports, and I’m pretty good at most racket sports, but I’m nowhere near really good.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog, please subscribe and comment, thanks 🙂



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