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Reasons why Will should’ve married Cassandra/Evanlyn in the Ranger’s Apprentice Series

I love the series. Pity it went downhill from the fourth book. It did pick up again after the sixth book, but the damage was already done by the fifth and sixth books. I have a vague suspicion that some imposter kidnapped John Flanagan and wrote the books for him.

Firstly, the writing standard sort of dropped and secondly (and more importantly) Will, for absolutely no reason at all, starts liking Alyss. The first four books into the series, it was all “Will and Cassandra go on an epic adventure to save the world!” Then suddenly, in the fifth book, Will falls in love with Alyss. Oh, and that’s after Cassandra announces that she’s a princess. That totally makes sense.

There is absolutely zero reason for anyone to choose Alyss over Cassandra.

Cassandra is cool. She saved Will’s life. If not for her, he’d still be a vacant-eyed,  drooling yard-slave in Skandia, addicted to drugs and doomed to a life of back-breaking labour in the freezing cold. Come on, Will, the least you could do for your saviour is return her love!

And think about all the adventures they went on together! They burned the bridge down together, fought Morgareth together, got captured by Skandians together… And where was Alyss when all this happened? That’s the thing- no one knew she even existed! Well, we did, but only in an extremely minor role.

Plus, Alyss strikes me as a very annoying person. She’s overly jealous and possessive, she flares up whenever Evanjalin goes within a one-metre radius of Will- I mean come on, they were friends long before you came into the picture, and you expect them to stop talking to each other because you are now in love with him? And who exactly does she think she is?

Moreover, she’s the proverbial ‘pretty face’. And even then, Cassandra is prettier, in my opinion. She is completely hopeless at fighting or basically being useful. In the Siege of Macindaw, she went and got captured in a tower and Will had to come and save her. On the other hand, Cassandra is funny, feisty, brave, courageous, and she can hold her own in a fight. She doesn’t need anyone to save her. 








So, would you rather marry a princess who is cool and funny, who also happens to be the person who saved your life, or a boring, jealous, possessive, insecure courier/orphan? Like, duh, right?

Will is supposed to be smart.

Obviously not.

Never mind. If he doesn’t want Cassandra, I seriously think Gilan should have her. Gilan is cooler than Will. But Gilan marries Jenny. The cook. I seriously hate John Flanagan. He really needs to get some matchmaking tips. Before he makes Hal fall in love with like, a barnacle or something. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, John Flanagan has released  a new book series called the Brotherband chronicles. I’ve done a review on the first book (The Outcasts), which you can check out here)

*disclaimer: extremely biased opinion, do not take as gospel truth/come at me with pitchforks.*

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